Collection: Toki's/Strength Pendants

The Maori toki pendant is a revered symbol in Maori culture, originating from the indigenous people of New Zealand. Resembling an adze or axe head, the toki pendant embodies qualities of strength, determination, and leadership. Traditionally, the toki was a tool used by Maori ancestors for carving and shaping wood, symbolizing the ability to overcome challenges and create new beginnings.

Crafted with intricate detail, Maori toki pendants are often made from materials such as bone, greenstone (pounamu), or wood, each carrying its own cultural significance. These pendants are adorned with traditional Maori carvings, symbolizing elements of nature, ancestral heritage, and spiritual beliefs.

Wearing a Maori toki pendant is not only a fashion statement but also a way for individuals to honor Maori traditions and connect with their cultural identity. It serves as a tangible reminder of the strength and resilience of the Maori people and their enduring connection to the land, sea, and sky.