Collection: Maori Matau & Hawaiian Makau Fish Hook Necklaces

Maori and Hawaiian Fish Hook Necklaces, known respectively as Hei Matau and Makau, are culturally significant adornments originating from the indigenous peoples of New Zealand and Hawaii. Both necklaces are fashioned in the shape of a fish hook, symbolizing prosperity, abundance, and the importance of fishing in traditional Polynesian life.

In Maori culture, Hei Matau necklaces are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, often using materials such as bone, wood, or greenstone (pounamu). Each necklace is intricately carved to reflect Maori mythology and spiritual beliefs, serving as a connection to ancestral heritage and the natural world.

Similarly, in Hawaiian culture, Makau necklaces are revered as symbols of strength, luck, and protection. Crafted from materials like bone, shell, or coral, Makau necklaces feature unique designs inspired by Hawaiian mythology and marine life. They are worn with reverence, embodying the deep-rooted relationship between the Hawaiian people and the ocean.

Wearing Maori or Hawaiian Fish Hook Necklaces is not only a fashion statement but also a way for individuals to honor their cultural roots and embrace the values of resilience, unity, and harmony with nature. These necklaces serve as tangible reminders of the enduring legacy of Polynesian heritage and the interconnectedness of people with the sea.