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Earthbound Pacific

Australian Black Nephrite Jade Opal Two Lives Love Infinity Necklace

Australian Black Nephrite Jade Opal Two Lives Love Infinity Necklace


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Expertly handcrafted from premium Australian Black Nephrite Jade, this exquisite double twist necklace showcases a breathtaking opal inlay. With a one-of-a-kind design and superior materials, this necklace is guaranteed to make a strong impression and elevate any ensemble with its refined charm. Embrace your individual style with the potency of Nephrite Jade and the captivating allure of opal.

Hand-Carved Genuine Nephrite Jade from Australia with lab-grown Opal Inlay.

Genuine black jade is technically a very dark green nephrite (higher levels of iron give it a black appearance). Typically, hints of green can be seen in certain light conditions.

Approximate Size: 1.6 Inches (4.1 cm/ 41 mm) L

I put this on a traditional style, one size fits all, hand braided cord with sliding slip knots so it can be adjusted to a variety of lengths.

Packaging includes the name of the piece and its meaning.

The Twist (Pikorua) represents two new shoots arising from the ground and growing together; sometimes close together, sometimes further apart. It represents the bonding of friendship over time and the coming together of two people or cultures. The Koru, inspired by the uncurling fern frond as it opens up bringing new life into the world, represents peace, tranquility, and new beginnings.


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