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Earthbound Pacific

Boreal Nephrite Jade Double Infinity Love and Friendship Necklace

Boreal Nephrite Jade Double Infinity Love and Friendship Necklace


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Introducing the Boreal Nephrite Jade Double Infinity Twist Necklace - a symbol of everlasting love and friendship. Expertly crafted with genuine nephrite jade, this stunning necklace features a double infinity twist design that represents endless connections and a bond that will never be broken. The perfect gift for a loved one or friend.

Hand-Carved Genuine Nephrite Boreal (Northern) Jade with New Zealand Paua shell inlay (front side only).

Approximate Size: 1.6" L ( 40 +/- mm) (4.0 +- cm).

When held to the light this has an olive green appearance. Hand shot shows the same piece under different lighting.

I put this on a one size fits all, hand braided, cord with sliding slip knots for adjusting to various lengths.

Item is presented in a gift pouch and includes information about the piece as well as its meaning.

The Double Infinity twist (Pikorua) represents two new shoots arising from the ground and growing together; sometimes close together, sometimes further apart. It represents the bonding of friendship over time and the coming together of two people or cultures.

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