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Earthbound Pacific

Hawaiian Bone Mega Sized Makau Fish Hook Necklace

Hawaiian Bone Mega Sized Makau Fish Hook Necklace


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 Indulge in the allure and grace of Hawaiian heritage with our mega-sized Makau fish hook necklace. Meticulously crafted from traditional elements, it serves as a symbolic and influential enhancement to any ensemble. An exquisite fusion of antiquated legacy and contemporary flair.

Hand Carved Solid Bone (domesticated bovine) with Scrimshaw.

Approx. Size: 3.5 inches, 8.8 - 9.0cm (88 - 90mm) L . Exact size and shape will vary some among pieces.

This piece is Huge! It is for those who like statement, or show, pieces.

Comes on a  one size fits all hand braided cord with sliding slip knots for adjusting to various lengths. Upon request I will make a fixed length cord with a toggle and loop closure.

The Fish hook represents not only the land but good luck, prosperity and safe journey--especially over water.

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