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Earthbound Pacific

New Zealand Maori Inspired, Friendship Infinity Twist Necklace

New Zealand Maori Inspired, Friendship Infinity Twist Necklace


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This New Zealand Maori-inspired necklace is adorned with the traditional Pikorua twist, symbolizing eternal love and friendship. Handcrafted from bone, this necklace is a unique and meaningful piece of jewelry that captures the essence of Maori culture. Show your love and appreciation with this beautiful necklace.

Master Carver Collection: Hand carved bone with scrimshaw on both sides.

The Pikorua, twist, represents the coming together of two people or cultures. Sometimes far apart, sometimes close together, but always connected.

The bone used is derived from domesticated bovine sources, either beef cattle or water buffalo.

No two pieces will age in the exact same way.

Approx. Size 2.36 Inches, 6.0cm, 60mm Length. This is for those who like larger sized pendants.

Comes on one size fits all cord with sliding slip knots for adjusting to various lengths.

Item is presented in a gift pouch. Packaging includes information about the piece and its meaning.


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