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New Zealand Maori Inspired, Double Manaia Scrimshaw Necklace

New Zealand Maori Inspired, Double Manaia Scrimshaw Necklace


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Experience the rich cultural heritage of New Zealand with our Maori-inspired Double Manaia Scrimshaw Necklace. Featuring intricate designs and hand-carved details, this extra large necklace is a showcase of artistry and craftsmanship. Embrace the power and protection of the Manaia symbol, and make a statement with this unique and meaningful piece.

Mega Sized Collection

Hand Carved Bone with and Aged Look . Scrimshaw and Paua

Eyes are on both sides.

Approximate Size: 5.9 Inches, 14.3cm, 143mm Long.

This piece is Very Big and is for those who like statement, or show, pieces. It would also present well in a shadow box or otherwise used as an ornament.

Comes on a one size fits all hand braided cord with sliding slip knots for adjusting.

This will come in a gift pouch and will include information about the piece and its meaning.

The Manaia is a mythical bird-like figure; it is said to be the messenger between the earthly and spiritual worlds. It is the holder of great spiritual energy, a guardian against evil, and protector over land, sea and air.

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