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Earthbound Pacific

New Zealand Maori Inspired Infinity Nephrite Jade Necklace

New Zealand Maori Inspired Infinity Nephrite Jade Necklace


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This stunning necklace features a hand-crafted infinity inspired design. Made with nephrite jade aka Greenstone, it radiates strength, prosperity, and protection. A perfect statement piece for any outfit or a unique gift with cultural significance.

Hand Carved, Untreated, Nephrite Jade.

Nephrite is the stone originally named, jade.

Size: 4.0cm (40mm) Diameter / Inches: 1.6" (diameter). For those who like larger sized pendants.

Inspired by the Mobius Strip (a continuous loop with one side and a single edge); represents the willingness to move forward with the changing cycles of life.

Comes on a one size fits all, hand-braided, cord with sliding slip knots for adjusting so it can be worn short or long.

Item is presented in a gift pouch. Packaging includes information about the piece and its meaning.


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