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Earthbound Pacific

New Zealand Maori Inspired Parent & Child Whales Necklace.

New Zealand Maori Inspired Parent & Child Whales Necklace.


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This stunning necklace features a hand carved parent and child whale design. Made with expertise and care, this necklace showcases the beautiful bond between a parent and child. The intricate carving and attention to detail make this piece a unique and meaningful addition to any jewelry collection.

Hand Carved Domesticated Bovine Bone with an aged look

SIZE: 45mm 4.5cm 1.37inches

PLEASE NOTE: *All bone and Horn used is derived from domesticated bovine (beef or water buffalo) and is a by- product of the meat industry. I do not use or condone the use of materials derived from wild or endangered animals.

 As no two pieces of bone are the same, please anticipate variations in exact coloration.

On a one size fits all cord with sliding slip knots for adjusting either short or long. Upon request, I will put yours on a fixed length cord with a toggle and loop closure.

Item is presented in a gift pouch that includes information about the piece and its meaning.

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