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New Zealand Paua Stainless Steel Koru Spiral Necklace

New Zealand Paua Stainless Steel Koru Spiral Necklace


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Indulge in the elegance of the New Zealand Paua Stainless Steel Koru Spiral Necklace. Crafted with premium materials, this necklace boasts a stunning spiral design inspired by the traditional Maori symbol of growth and renewal. Elevate any outfit with this exclusive piece of jewelry.

This stainless steel pendant comes on a hand-braided cord with sliding slip knots for adjusting.

The Spiral, koru, represents new beginnings, peace.

Size: 3.0cm (30mm) (1.2") Approximate diameter

The color of this pendant is SILVER. Some monitors/screens may cause it to look like it has a gold like appearance--it does not.

If you wish, we can put it on a solid black or solid tan/beige cord. Or, if you like, you can put it on your own cord/chain.

As the item is made using natural Paua, please anticipate variations in coloration.
Paua is the Maori word for the highly desired species of abalone that is specific to New Zealand waters.


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