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Earthbound Pacific

Tahiti Inspired Aged Bone Scrimshaw Fish Hook Necklace

Tahiti Inspired Aged Bone Scrimshaw Fish Hook Necklace


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Natural Cord

Crafted with expertise and inspired by Tahitian culture, this necklace features an aged bone scrimshaw fish hook design. Adorned with traditional carved details, this unique piece offers a timeless and elegant look. Perfect for adding a touch of island-inspired style to any outfit.

This hand carved mega sized fish hook is for those who like very large, statement, pieces.

SIZE: 7.7cm (77mm) L x 3.7cm (37mm) W / INCHES: 3.0" L x 1.5" W

The Fish Hook, in all its interpretations, represents prosperity, good luck, fertility, and safe journey--esp over water. It also represents a strong connection to the land.

This items comes on a one size fits all cord with sliding bead. You may choose to have yours on a fixed length cord (please state in comments your preference).

You may also choose your preferred cord color--see list of options.

You may also request this item in antiqued/aged bone (please state in comments upon order)

This items is made by a member of my shop and by me. When a piece is offered it has already been carved; custom work is typically done by me at time of order.

Second or Third Day Shipping: Items that may need some custom work at time of order will ship as soon as possible; usually within one business day.


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